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Cynthia Kostylo

Cynthia Kostylo

Cynthia Kostylo is a Chicago native who now resides in San Diego, CA. She immerses herself into the art world as a painter, muralist, digital illustrator and pastel artist. Cynthia travels extensively both in the US and internationally performing the temporary art of the Modannari - drawing on the pavement with chalk. Rather than sticking with the “usual skin tones” Cynthia is known for using bold colors in her large portraits, celebrating human unity and diversity.

Cynthia’s diverse talents have allowed her to create murals on city walls, performed chalk art for clients such as Harley Davidson and Sony Pictures, paint marker art for Western Union and now digital illustrations for 3 books including a science fiction graphic novel which is being made into a major motion picture and her own children’s book. Cynthia loves to create larger than life images that have been known to “Wow” her clients. Thinking out of the box is the norm and she will be satisfied with nothing less than delivering just that.