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Ever Galvez

Ever Galvez

Ever Galvez is a fine artist, classically trained in painting, drawing, sculpture and animation. He is known most prominently for his award winning Chalk Street Painting talents. He began his journey enriched by the vibrant colors of Mexico and eventually by the multicultural influences of Southern California. Through his art, he shares an interpretation of colors that goes beyond what the naked eye can see in all that surrounds him. He combines this with his deep respect for the traditional arts to create a form of realism that he believes brings a subject's true colors and emotions to the surface for all to experience.

At the heart of all his work, is a desire to help people through creativity. Street Painting, in particular, has allowed him to fulfill this desire. Ever travels year round nationally and internationally to paint at large festivals, often supporting philanthropic causes, and to teach workshops to youths, in addition to working with clients on commercial projects.