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Main Street
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Gus Moran

Gus Moran

Gus is an artist from Pomona, California who has been doing street art for over 12 years. He has been featured in many California festival, as well as been invited to other states such as Denver, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Georgia, and Florida to create his work. He is influence by artists Romero Britto and Pablo Picasso through their use of color and cubism, and he enjoys painting on every surface he can get a hold of including walls, floors, shoes, shirts, and wood to name a few. He enjoys the temporary element of the art, as a beautiful creation that takes two days to complete can all of a sudden be washed away.

Gus’s favorite part of street painting is the immediate connection with the audience, and the kids who ask all the best questions and are amazed at what one can do with chalk.