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Shane Anderson

Shane Anderson

International artist, raised in Minneapolis that has, left quite a mark. Shane strives to create amazing work that leaves a smile on people's faces. He enjoys making people smile. Shane started creating in his style because he had such a hard time concentrating in school. This allowed him to think and fill in spaces with other characters and he retained more from the class.

Shane's art is colorful, vibrant, lively, filled with interesting details and above all, fun. Hetakes bright colors and bold forms to create works of art that invite exploration and spark conversation. They are a collection of characters, destinations and landmarks that as a whole depict a series of separate, but interconnected scenes. However, each of these individual figures and scenes in a painting portrays a small, specific facet of the overall experience. His art draws on both graphic illustrations and cartooning techniques while also maintaining the level of expressiveness and rigor found in fine art painting. The shadowing, modeling and brush strokes are integrated with clean, sharp lines showing bold colors. These characteristics carry an urban quality. The techniques create a sense of narrative, as well as separating individual characters in such a way that it makes them feel as if they are leaping off the canvas.