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William Zin

William Zin

William Zin (Willie) graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from California State, Long Beach. Unable to pursuit in the arts due to financial circumstances, instead, he worked in the Freight Industry for 20+ years till this day which naturally became his profession and career. In 2007, he suffered a heart attack and went through a double bypass surgery. During his recuperation, he had rediscovered his love for art and was determined to live life and do what he love most. Willie entered his first chalk art event in 2009 and fell in love with this art form instantly. He loved the immediate result and the connection and interaction with the onlookers. Since, he had traveled around the US and participated over 70+ events in total. He had won several awards as well as being invited by some as a featured artist.

“It has already been 9 years since I started my journey as a pavement chalk artist and it has been an amazing one. The interaction with the onlookers and being able to inspire young adults and children to be creative and not be afraid to express themselves through this art form has been the most rewarding for me. The moment, is the key to ‘Life’. We should do our best to stay positive and enjoy the present moment.” -